Two of the best teachers you'll see anywhere

We are excited to present the following teachers at IFC:

Caspar Bik

Caspar is a rising star in the field of folkdance teachers. Born in the Netherlands, his teaching style is impeccably clear, precise and authentic; his selection of music is ideally suited for recreational dance groups. Caspar has received accolades for his teaching in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey as well as the US. Caspar specializes in dances from countries around the Black Sea, especially in Georgia where he trained with a professional ensemble. You will love meeting and learning from Caspar!

Petur Iliev

Petur grew up within a family of musicians and dancers, performing for the President of Bulgaria at the tender age of 6. He graduated from the National School of Dance Art, and studied at the Academy for Music, Dance and Fine Arts of Bulgaria. For many years he performed with the world-famous Philip Kutev State Ensemble. Petur’s energetic dancing has made him a favorite at many venues including Balkan Music and Dance Workshop in Mendocino, Balkanalia in Oregon, and recently California's Statewide 2019. You will love his dynamic personality!

And of course we're thinking of IFC's founder,
Moshe Eskayo

Our band: Balkan Fields

Come hear folkdance music played live, and played well! Boston-based Balkan Fields has received accolades for their enthusiasm, musicianship, and harmony with careful attention to the needs of the IFC community.


Care of the Moshe Eskayo tribute camp, Hora Shalosh, IFC has a limited number of youth scholarships available. These provide up to full coverage of travel and camp costs for dancers under the age of 21. If you know of young dancers, or are one yourself, write now to DanceIFC@gmail.com or call Joan Hantman 617-893-2399. Include age, location, dance experience (folk or other), and relevant aspects of your background in your application. We want to see you there!

We are excited to continue IFC!  We hope you will join us for a simply wonderful weekend.

Murray and Randi Spiegel
Joan Hantman