The Facility

Circle Lodge features carpeted, air conditioned rooms; a large dance hall with wood floors; gourmet meals and dining facilities; ample healthy snacks throughout the weekend; wireless high-speed internet (dance hall only, not in rooms); plus lots more that dancers probably won't have time to enjoy (but feel free to do so!): tennis courts with night lighting, swimming pool, fitness center, outdoor track, basketball, soccer, volleyball and roller-hockey rinks.


Motel rooms and lakeside cabins can be booked as doubles or single/private rooms. Fresh linens, blankets, soap and towels are provided by the camp for the weekend. Each room has individual bathrooms and showers, A/C and heat. The accommodations are not 4-star-hotel fancy, but probably better than the camp you went to when you were young! :-) They're what you'd expect of a decent, modern summer camp – clean but basic. All rooms are close to our dance hall (~5 min walk).

  ? How can I choose?
The motel rooms are somewhat larger than the cabins. The cabins are a lovelier setting (near the lake). In the grid of pics below, the motel is on the upper left, the cabins are lower left.

Click to download map of our venue:

What you need to bring: Good shoes for dancing, rain gear in case of inclement weather, personal toiletries (soap is provided), a flashlight (the area is well-lit, but it's better to bring a flashlight for your safety). If the weekend is hot, consider bringing a small portable fan. And a big smile!


The food is excellent and plentiful. Special needs can be accommodated (but give us plenty of notice!).

Snacks and drinks will be provided during dance sessions. There will be a "Make Your Own Sundae" Ice Cream Social on Saturday night!