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We will post here the reservation form for the next IFC. We hope you will come. Keep the dates free! As always, we'll try to keep all costs as low as possible.

Special Promotional Offer

We are excited to provide a special promo offer – details will also appear later.

Registration Form

We will post the reservation form here for the next IFC for all you early birds! Click to download (not yet there).

Here's an advance look at the schedule Click to download

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Care of the Moshe Eskayo tribute camp, Hora Shalosh, IFC has a limited number of youth scholarships available. These provide up to full coverage of travel and camp costs for dancers under the age of 21. If you know of young dancers, or are one yourself, write now to or call Joan Hantman 617-893-2399. Include age, location, dance experience (folk or other), and relevant aspects of your background in your application. We want to see you there!